Local Patient Participation Report

Date Published: 24.03.14


A description of the profile of the members of the PPG:

  • All members are registered at the practice. These are divided as follows :
  • 7 Female
  • 4 Male
  • The age range breakdown is :
  • 19-40 ….2 Female and 1 Male
  • 40-60…..2 Female and 2 Male
  • 60-90…..3 Female and 1 Male
  • The practice is continually looking for new members to the group as to ensure that the group is representative of the population.
  • We advertised within the surgery via posters and also admin and clinical staff are active in promoting the PRG group if a patient shows an interest in joining.
  • You can also become a member via email and can contact us at

A description of what steps the Practice has taken to ensure that the PPG is representative of its registered patients and where a category of patients is not represented then what steps have been taken by the Practice in an attempt to engage with those patients:

At present the group is predominately consists of the over 40’s age bracket.In recent meetings with the PRG it has been noted and agreed that we do need to attract some younger members.One member has agreed to design a poster and will be contacting the local university to see if we can advertise. Social networks were also discussed and although there maybe some scope for this in the future it was felt that it may be difficult to control.Another way of attracting younger members including parents in the younger age range would be to attach advertising to patient prescriptions

A description to be entered in around how the Practice and the PPG determined and reached an agreement on the issues which had propriety within the Local Practice survey:

At the meeting of the 27th January 2014 the group discussed the results of the GPAQ annual survey which took place in the surgery earlier in the year. The survey included all clinical staff and administrative staff.Some points that were discussed included the surgery opening hour and ,the availability of appointments (specifically Saturdays and Lunchtime). The group also discussed in detail the number of wasted appointments each month and also confidentiality at the front desk.The group felt that the survey showed significant interest in lunchtime appointments which in turn led to a wider discussion on the availability of appointments and opening hours.It was agreed to highlight these areas and to initiate more detail from patients regarding these topics.

The minutes of the meeting were also emailed to the Virtual Group for comments.

A description of how the Practice sought to obtain the views of its registered patients

Once decision had been made on the topics the Group decided to gain more detailed information from the patients. It was agreed to conduct a short and uncomplicated questionnaire that covered all aspects that had been discussed.It was agreed that receptionist could hand out the surgery to all patients when they came to see a doctor or nurse . Members of the PPG also offered to conduct the survey in the waiting room with the patients on different days (including Saturday) as then they would be able to help to fill in the questionnaire and talk to the patients.It was agreed by all that the survey would run for 2 weeks and then the Group would meet again to discuss the results.The survey was given to patients in the Boots surgery and also at our Luton surgery, Sterling house.

A description of how the Practice sought to discuss the outcomes of the local survey and the Practice’s action plan together

The Group met again on the 17th February. The results of the survey had been recorded and analysed and the report given to the PPG members on this day.The results were also emailed to the Virtual Group members for input/comment.It was agreed it would be a good idea for members to absorb all the information and meet again the following week. Suggestions could also be made via email before this time.

A description of the findings or proposals that arose from the local Practice survey and what can be implemented and if appropriate reasons why any such findings or proposals should not be implemented

 73 patients commented regarding confidentiality at the front desk.Action taken : 15 % of patients agreed that a confidentiality line could be placed on the floor away from the front desk, this was put into place and has worked very successfully. A private room for patients to discuss anything more privately would also be available.29% of patients felt that the best penalty for patient’s who do not attend for their appointment without warning was to charge them. The surgery are not able to enforce a charge for missed appointments.35% of patients felt lunchtime appointments would be extremely helpful

A summary of any evidence including statistical evidence relating to the findings or basis of proposals arising out to the local Practice survey:

86% of patients surveyed agreed that Saturday appointments should primarily be for people who cannot attend during the week due to work commitments. 7% of patients also said that these appointments should not be exclusive to the above category and should be open for any sudden onset of illness on the day. The surgery do not restrict the Saturday appointments and include both categories above.15% of people suggested that a confidentiality line be in place at the front desk – this has been actioned12% would like a private room to discuss problems of a more confidential nature, the surgery will place a poster in the waiting room to ensure that patients are aware of this option.

35% of people said that Lunchtime appointments would be extremely helpful, this is a option that we are actively exploring at this time

A Description of the action which the Practice and /or the Local Area Team intend to take as a consequence of discussions with the PPG in respect of the results, findings and proposals arising out of the local Practice survey. If this is not the first year of the scheme, detail here any changes and issues since the last local patient participation report was completed.

PPG member will contact the local University and Libraries to enquire as to whether College Health would be able to advertise for younger members on their premises.The availability of Lunchtime appointments will be looked into at a later date.To help lower the ‘did not attend’ rate at the surgery the group will discuss prior contact with patients previous to their appointment. We currently send a text message the day before as a reminder, but it was felt that possibly a phone call or maybe text message on the day would benefit.Patients to be advised that missing 3 appointments in 6 months without notice will evoke the Did Not Attend policy and in turn only being able to book on the day and not in advance.

The surgery will advertise in the surgery how the appointment system works for example pre-booked and on the day appointments and also to advertise this on the surgery website.

A description of the opening hours of the Practice premises and the method of obtaining access to services through the core hours:

College Health operates two surgeries one from Boots and the other at Sterling House, Luton. The opening hours are 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday.The surgery consists of Doctors, Nurse, Nurse Prescribers, HCA and a team of Administrative and Reception staff, managed by the Practice Manager and Deputy Manager.We also have a regular clinic for Podiatry that is supported by Age Concern.We are an accredited licensed Yellow Fever Centre. This service is available for registered patients and the general public.

College Health offer a blood test service for non-registered by appointment

Any contact with a clinician e.g appointments, telephone calls, request for medication can be obtained by :

  1. By telephone
  2. By email
  3. Walk-in
  4. By Fax

Doctors are available not only for appointments but also for telephone consultations and also Home Visits.

If appointments have been taken for the day the doctor will triage by telephone and if the patient needs to be seen the doctor will ask the patient to attend the surgery in a timely manner.

Appointments can be pre-booked up to 4 weeks in advance and also there are on the day appointments and telephone calls

People can register at anytime with College Health. The surgery have a large catchment area and the registration forms are always available at both sites.

Both surgeries do not close for lunch and so the phone lines are manned constantly during opening hours.

A description of any extended opening hours that the Practice has entered into and which health care professional are accessible to registered patients.

The Practice opens every Saturday from 9am – 2pm. There is normally a Practice Nurse available and one Doctor. The Nurse appointments are pre-bookable.The Doctor appointments are book on the day only, in general these appointments are used for patients who cannot attend during the week due to work commitments or for anyone needing urgent on the day medical advice.Patients can also order prescriptions, book future appointments and make enquiries on this day.